,Occus,Handlebar,$52,Grips,Yama,7/8'',bar,Handle,/Manchester6002130.html,Grips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Motorcycle,for $52 Occus Grips 7/8'' Motorcycle Handle bar Handlebar Grips for Yama Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Occus Grips 7 8'' Motorcycle Yama Handlebar SALENEW very popular! for Handle bar Occus Grips 7 8'' Motorcycle Yama Handlebar SALENEW very popular! for Handle bar,Occus,Handlebar,$52,Grips,Yama,7/8'',bar,Handle,/Manchester6002130.html,Grips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Motorcycle,for $52 Occus Grips 7/8'' Motorcycle Handle bar Handlebar Grips for Yama Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Occus shop Grips 7 8'' Motorcycle Yama Handlebar SALENEW very popular for Handle bar

Occus Grips 7/8'' Motorcycle Handle bar Handlebar Grips for Yama


Occus Grips 7/8'' Motorcycle Handle bar Handlebar Grips for Yama

Product description

Product Descprition:
-Model Name : motorcycle handle bar gripsamp;ends
-Fitment : Universal,fit for most motorcycle models with 7/8" 22mm handlebar
-Material: High Quality Billet Aluminum amp; PVC
-Quantity : 1 pair (Left amp; Right)
-Condition : 100% Brand New,Simple to install, no instruction Included.
Universal motorcycle with 22mm ( 7/8" ) standard hollow handlebars such as the models below:
Package lnclude:
1 Pair of motorcycle handlebar gripsamp;ends (left and right)
Please ensure this parts fit for your motorcycle before bidding.
Item specifics:
Origin: CN(Origin)
Item height: 0inch
Item length: 6.3inch
Material type: CNC
Item weight: 0.29kg
Item width: 1.2inch
Model name: YZF-R6
Item diameter: 0inch
Is customized: yes
Use: all motorcycles with 7/8'' 22mm handle bars.
Feature: motorcycle handlebar gripsamp;handlebar ends
Colors: red;silver;blue;golden; orange;black

Occus Grips 7/8'' Motorcycle Handle bar Handlebar Grips for Yama

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