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Lucky Super sale Brand Women's Recommended Lenci Boot Ankle

Lucky Brand Women's Lenci Ankle Boot


Lucky Brand Women's Lenci Ankle Boot

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Low Heel Shoetie

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Lucky Brand Women's Lenci Ankle Boot


3D in vitro Toxicology and Drug Discovery


3D in vitro Products from Microplates to Assay-ready Microtissues

Together with our partners in academia and industry, InSphero advances drug discovery and our understanding of healthy and diseased human biology using an inspired combination of bioengineering, microtechnologies, and computational approaches. Discover how we can help propel your programs forward.

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Gain Unrivaled Biological InSight

Liver Disease

Investigate Together

Screen and test efficacy of NAFLD and NASH drugs with a platform that mimics the disease progression in patients.


Discover Together

Conduct type 1 & type 2 diabetes research in a platform that ensures uniform, long-lived islets with robust functionality.


Innovate Together

Reflect complex 3D tumor microenvironments with tumor, stromal, and immune components.


Advance Together

Predict drug-induced liver injury with twice the sensitivity without sacrificing specificity in 3D human liver toxicology models.

Our 3D InSight™ platforms include everything you need to optimize your investment in 3D in vitro cell technology: physiologically relevant microtissue models, specially formulated media, 3D assay protocols, and expert support from experienced application scientists. Whether you want to leverage our innovative assay-ready 3D technology in-house or partner with us on longer-term collaborative research projects to investigate complex diseases, we can propel your drug discovery and safety testing programs forward.

Powered by Scalable Akura™ 3D Cell Culture Technology

Watch how we apply our scalable technology and organ-on-a-chip solutions to engineer powerful and flexible 3D in vitro platforms for drug efficacy and safety testing and the study of metabolic disease and cancers.

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For Better, Safer Drugs. Faster.


Why Partner with InSphero?

Add the pioneer in 3D cell-based assay solutions and scaffold-free organ-on-a-chip technology to your drug R&D team and see immediate results.


Work with 3D platforms precisely engineered to mimic human biology and save you years of model development and assay testing time.


Rely on functionally robust, highly standardized microtissue models and 3D-optimized experimental programs. InSphero is ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to your success.


Ensure reproducible data and minimize confounding factors — regardless of the scale and complexity of your experimental programs.

“Addressing complex diseases requires the rare combination of pioneering innovation and biomedical expertise. As our discovery partner, InSphero gives us immediate access to new technologies, such as organ-on-a-chip systems, that provide deep mechanistic insights into complex diseases. They have become part of our research team, committed to helping us find a cure for type 1 diabetes.”


Professor and Director of the Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research
La Jolla Institute of Immunology

Vice President and Senior Medical Officer
Novo Nordisk

Find out how InSphero 3D InSight™ Platforms and Akura™ Technology

can help drive efficient innovation in drug R&D for your organization.

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