Dangle,Sterling,Circle,Opal,Dolphin,Created,Silver,Earrings,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Blue,nerezzabradli.com,$55,/apodictive6637505.html $55 Sterling Silver Circle Created Blue Opal Dolphin Dangle Earrings Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Sterling Silver Circle Created SEAL limited product Blue Dolphin Dangle Opal Earrings $55 Sterling Silver Circle Created Blue Opal Dolphin Dangle Earrings Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Dangle,Sterling,Circle,Opal,Dolphin,Created,Silver,Earrings,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Blue,nerezzabradli.com,$55,/apodictive6637505.html Sterling Silver Circle Created SEAL limited product Blue Dolphin Dangle Opal Earrings

Sterling Silver Circle Created SEAL limited product Blue New popularity Dolphin Dangle Opal Earrings

Sterling Silver Circle Created Blue Opal Dolphin Dangle Earrings


Sterling Silver Circle Created Blue Opal Dolphin Dangle Earrings

Product description

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver - Avg Weight: 3.79 gr.
Item Size: 40x23 mm (for perspective please see additional pictures for item set against an inch ruler)
30 Day Hassle Free Returns
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Created opal
Shepherd hook
Sterling silver

Other Specs:
Completeness: Complete (all stones included)
Earring Closure: French Wire
Earring Type: Drop amp; Dangle
Feature: Left and Right
Gender: Women's
Length: 40 mm
Width: 23 mm
Material: Sterling Silver
Purity: 925
Plating Material: Rhodium
Plating Color: Silver Tone
Stone 1: Type: Opal, Lab Created
Stone 1: Creation Method: Lab Created
Stone 1: Color: Phenomena
Stone 1: Treatment: Impregnation

Sterling Silver Circle Created Blue Opal Dolphin Dangle Earrings

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DRPN GEMS is a brand new label on the block and it is here to serve up crowd rockin' block party joints. This opening gambit is a real show stopper with Wally Puma and Jim Sharp mashing up myriad different R&B and hip hop sounds into popping new jams. Label boss Puma takes care of the A side with a hybrid blend and crafty remake of two old school anthems that are deep cut and groovy. On the reverse are a couple of super sharp DJ tools and body-popping breaks that cannot fail to move a club. This is a red hot debut 7" from what looks like a promising new label.
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It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since The Knife first put out their game changing debut album Deep Cuts. It first came on Sweden's Rabid Records on CD only before getting a North America and UK release once the world had cottoned on to its brilliance. It is much brighter and more melodic that the dark and witchy sound they gravitated towards on later albums but still sounds way ahead of its time. There are effervescent, Eurodisco-tinged pop tunes like 'One For You' to get you singing along, then hardcore euro rave bombs like 'Listen Now' and the odd occult head masher like 'The Cop.'
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'Seven Nation Army' was one of The White Stripes' most unforgettable tracks. Forming part of their 2003 album, Elephant, which in sales terms was the one that catapulted Jack and Meg White into the global rock and roll Premier League. It's a track that is so individualistic even the idea of covering it seems a little intimidating. Pity the remixers asked to take on this monument of gritty, stomping guitar genius, then. Anyone who was around at the time when it first hit the charts as a single will likely remember a host of pretty dire mash-ups, from breakbeat to cheap run of the mill house, littering the shelves of record stores, staff too embarrassed to really recommend. Skip forward eight years and finally there's a decent one, with Glitch Mob going for the jugular with a poised dubstep-leaning effort that works with, rather than against, the original songwriting.
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Echocentric hits double figures with a glistening new electro outing from Gilbert. This marks the solo debut of the UK producer and a long-awaited done at that. He is a master of his analog machines and layers up bleeping melodies, sublime chords and the sort of twitchy and futuristic sounds that take you into another dimension. The lush and loopy progression of 'Star Cycles' opens up with darker underlapping bass defining the widescreen 'Swamps On Jupiter.' Things get superbly heavenly and brain cleansing thanks to the bright melodies of 'New Reality' while 'Aegean Clouds' and 'Solitude' close out in supple rhythms fashion.
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After making plenty of heard turning releases on other labels, the super talented Joe Armin Jones launches his own new imprint Aquarii Records. He is joined on the tidy 10" by Morgan Simpson of Black Midi on drums, and Luke Wynter of Nubiyan Twist playing bass. His own gorgeous keys lead the way with 'Pray' being a busy cut awash with splashing cymbals, joyous chord progressions and tight rolling rhythms. There is a more chilled-out and downtempo vibe to the loose hip hop beats of 'Nothing Move' on the reverse. Both are brilliant.
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Garbage's second studio album Version 2.0 came five years after the band had first formed. Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, Butch Vig and Shirley Manson went on to sell more than 17 million records across the length of their careers and this album was a big step up from their debut. It is gloomy and introspective but also lively and seductive in its own bleak fashion. The dense tracks have plenty of gauzy guitars and impassioned lyrics that remain iconic to this day. This newly remastered version is the first one to be made available by BMG.
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K Lone's music has been at the heart of the renewed interest in garage over recent years. This new EP kicks off the Sweet N Tasty label and the eagle earned will have no doubt already heard some of the tunes off it, as the DJ has been dropping them in mixes and sets for a while. That has done nothing to loosen their impact with bubbly opener 'One' building on a crisp beat while the bass plunges down low. There is a super sweet and airy vocal to 'Snyders' that tugs at the heart while 'Bad' gets down and dirty, with more pulsing bass and again a superb selection of vocals to add the sweetness. 'Over Here' rounds out with the most physical and raw drum work of the lot.
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Carl Hardy's Animals On Psychedelics is surely the best dance music label to have ever been run out of the seaside town of Cleethorpes. The releases are few and far between, but you won't find us moaning because the quality is always top-notch. Invisible Menders is a low-key but high-quality pair made up of revered DJ Jane Fitz and producer Dom Ahtuam. They cook up a mind-altering piece of deep, supple techno here that takes you on a real cosmic adventure. The SYO mix is a slick and high-speed electro rework while 'Weather Obsessives' (Eversines remix) heads off into the future on turbulent bass and mangled synth lines.
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