$82 CargoTi PVC Oxford Cloth Camping Windbreaks Stove Windscreen – B Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation CargoTi PVC Oxford Dallas Mall Cloth Camping Stove Windbreaks – Windscreen B CargoTi PVC Oxford Dallas Mall Cloth Camping Stove Windbreaks – Windscreen B Camping,–,/apolytikion6560527.html,CargoTi,PVC,Cloth,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Oxford,Stove,Windbreaks,$82,B,Windscreen,nerezzabradli.com $82 CargoTi PVC Oxford Cloth Camping Windbreaks Stove Windscreen – B Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Camping,–,/apolytikion6560527.html,CargoTi,PVC,Cloth,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Oxford,Stove,Windbreaks,$82,B,Windscreen,nerezzabradli.com

CargoTi Limited price PVC Oxford Dallas Mall Cloth Camping Stove Windbreaks – Windscreen B

CargoTi PVC Oxford Cloth Camping Windbreaks Stove Windscreen – B


CargoTi PVC Oxford Cloth Camping Windbreaks Stove Windscreen – B

Product description


There are 12 hanging points in this camping windscreen. Some food contact utensils can be hung to avoid the invasion of small creatures in the wild, which makes full use of the available space in the wild.

Windshield is a good partner for wild kitchens and its transparent PVC can perceive the safety of the surrounding environment, create your own free outdoor camp, making it lightweight outdoor camping.

Packing List:

Windproof Rope*8

Outdoor Camping Stove Windscreen*1


Iron Nail*12

Storage Bag*3


1. Due to manual measurement, there will be tolerance in product size, which is subject to the actual product.

2. Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is color difference in the product, please be aware of it.

CargoTi PVC Oxford Cloth Camping Windbreaks Stove Windscreen – B

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