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2 in 1 Hair Curler Iron Very popular Straighter Rotating for 360° Philadelphia Mall

2 in 1 Hair Curler Straighter,360° Rotating Iron Hair Curler for


2 in 1 Hair Curler Straighter,360° Rotating Iron Hair Curler for

Product description

Mr. Wu's shop-will bring you a high-quality shopping experience!

●Why choose our products?

1.If your hair is the toughest and roughest, please use this tool to straighten it.Hair will become smooth and fashionable even if it is not as flat as ironed.

2.Automatically and safely power off within 60 minutes.


Product Name: 2 in 1 Hair Curler Straighter


Rated voltage: 100V-240V

Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

Material: PC+PET

Plug Type: standard plug (can be used directly)

Unique function: wet and dry

Scope of application: Suitable for all hair types.

●Packing List:

2 in 1 Hair Curler Straighter,360° Rotating Iron Hair Curler for

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