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Mouse OFFicial shop Pads Anime Gaming Pad De XXL Mousepad Large Max 79% OFF Non-Slip

Mouse Pads Anime Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Mousepad Large XXL De


Mouse Pads Anime Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Mousepad Large XXL De

Product description


The extended gaming mousepad with an ideal size, which is suitable for daily use. Breaking the traditional all-black mouse pad, our mouse pad is designed with interesting patterns, it will give you a new feeling for your office and gaming life.


Product Size:
23.6x11.8x0.12 inch (600x300x3mm)
27.56x11.8x0.12 inch (700x300x3mm)
31.5x11.8x0.12 inch (800x300x3mm)
35.4x11.8x0.12 inch (900x300x3 mm)
35.43x15.74x0.12 inch (900x400x3mm)
39.37x19.69x0.12 inch (1000x500x3mm)
Thickness: 3MM
Material: natural rubber + fine cloth
Quality: 100% brand new and high quality
Using the environment: games, offices, home, Table mat


Finely woven fabric surface for the right amount of friction and control
Short stopping distances - extremely precise handling
Rubberized back holds the pad firmly adheres to any surface
Carefully executed, all-round seam for long-lasting fun

Stable Operation
The bottom of the mouse pad is stitched together with the non-slip rubber base. You won't get distracted by the sliding of mousepad when you're working or playing games.

Delicate StitchedEdges
Our mouse pad features durable stitched edges to prevent the mouse pad from fraying and degumming. It also enhances the aesthetics and lifespan of the mouse pad.

Soft material
Large gaming mouse pads are very soft, and can be folded and rolled at will without deforming the mouse pad. It can be rolled up and stored or carried, which saves space.

Please Note: This mouse pad is rolled up in a box, please leave it on a flat and ventilated area for 48 hours before first use. The smell of natural rubber is harmless and will dissipate in a couple of days

Mouse Pads Anime Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Mousepad Large XXL De

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