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celicious At the price of surprise Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter 2021new shipping free shipping Protector Screen Co Film

celicious Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film Co


celicious Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film Co

Product description

Confidentiality is a human nature; however our laptops expose this when in public. Curiosity from wandering eyes is undoubtedly uncontrollable. People sitting beside you or passing by tend to intentionally and unintentionally take a quick peek at your screen for many reasons. Celicious Privacy for Lenovo ThinkPad X13 (Touch) is a 2-way privacy protector that helps protect sensitive information from prying eyes by narrowing the viewing angle so that the screen is only visible to individuals directly in front of the screen. This is achieved via the embedded micro-louver technology that blacks out the screen at an angle of 30 degrees either side of the lit display when the laptop is in landscape orientation without blurring or image distortion. Celicious Privacy adheres firmly to the screen with its advanced silicone based adhesive backing offering a smooth glossy surface. The pack includes a privacy screen protector for Lenovo ThinkPad X13 (Touch) and an application kit.

celicious Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film Co

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