/calutron6560651.html,SwingA,for,$36,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,nerezzabradli.com,S1000XR,S1000R,S1000RR,QTSM,Motorcycle,2014-2020,B-MW $36 QTSM for B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014-2020 Motorcycle SwingA Automotive Motorcycle Powersports QTSM for B-MW S1000XR Save money S1000R S1000RR Motorcycle 2014-2020 SwingA /calutron6560651.html,SwingA,for,$36,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,nerezzabradli.com,S1000XR,S1000R,S1000RR,QTSM,Motorcycle,2014-2020,B-MW $36 QTSM for B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014-2020 Motorcycle SwingA Automotive Motorcycle Powersports QTSM for B-MW S1000XR Save money S1000R S1000RR Motorcycle 2014-2020 SwingA

QTSM for B-MW S1000XR Save money S1000R S1000RR Ranking TOP4 Motorcycle 2014-2020 SwingA

QTSM for B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014-2020 Motorcycle SwingA


QTSM for B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014-2020 Motorcycle SwingA

Product description


For B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Material:CNC Aluminum

With logo:S1000XR

Color:Black , Blue , Glod , Green , Orange , Red , Sliver , Titanium

Package Included:
1 pair Swingarm Spools slider

spools support can help the motorcycle to stand and avoid tipping over when repairing your moto, thus protecting the body and parts of the moto.

Swing Arm Spool Sliders offer protection with functionality, enabling lifting of the rear of the motorcycle using a paddock stand fitted with a suitable spool fork fitting.

This motorcycle swing arm spool is a hexagonal sleeve thread fastener, which helps to fix and stabilize the motorcycle swing arm bracket.

Easy install: Bolt straight into your swing arm.

(Please confirm this product is suitable for your motorcycle before purchase.)

QTSM for B-MW S1000XR S1000R S1000RR 2014-2020 Motorcycle SwingA

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