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1969 Topps # store 582 Direct stock discount WHT Checklist Twins 7 Oliva Bas Tony Minnesota

1969 Topps # 582 WHT Checklist 7 Tony Oliva Minnesota Twins (Bas


1969 Topps # 582 WHT Checklist 7 Tony Oliva Minnesota Twins (Bas

Product description

1969 Topps # 582 WHT Checklist 7 Tony Oliva Minnesota Twins (Baseball Card) (White Circle on Back around the 582) NM Twins. White Circle on Back around the 582Dean's Cards was founded in 2001 by Dean Hanley, a fellow card collector, and has become the leading online seller of vintage sports cards and non-sports cards. Our inventory has grown to more than a million vintage cards and we have a staff of 14 employees and a 5000 sq. ft. office space in Cincinnati, Ohio to offer you quick and personal service. Dean also has written two books on collecting vintage baseball cards. If you will give us the opportunity to earn your business, you will be glad that you did. We guarantee it!SN: B69T 13 1026

1969 Topps # 582 WHT Checklist 7 Tony Oliva Minnesota Twins (Bas

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