Neck,Top,Ethnic,,Long,Skirt,Wea,/coredeemer6560932.html,and,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Boat,Crop,Moomaya,Set Printed,$39 Neck,Top,Ethnic,,Long,Skirt,Wea,/coredeemer6560932.html,and,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Boat,Crop,Moomaya,Set Printed,$39 $39 Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and Long Skirt Set Printed Ethnic Wea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $39 Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and Long Skirt Set Printed Ethnic Wea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and online shop Set Printed Wea Ethnic Skirt Long Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and online shop Set Printed Wea Ethnic Skirt Long

Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and online shop Max 52% OFF Set Printed Wea Ethnic Skirt Long

Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and Long Skirt Set Printed Ethnic Wea


Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and Long Skirt Set Printed Ethnic Wea

Product description

✤ Get Dressed For The Festive Look In This Printed Crop Top And Skirt Set From Moomaya. This Set Comprises A Crop Top That Has A Lace Ornate Boat Neckline From Front And V Neck Back With Fabric Button Details, Long Sleeves. Includes A Skirt With Elastic Waistband With Drawstring. Team This Set With Matching Sandals And Your Favorite Jewelry For A Sassy Look.

✤ Sale For: Package Includes 1 Top And Skirt
✤ Material: Chanderi Cotton
✤ Top Length: 16 Inches (Approx.)
✤ Skirt Length: 40 Inches (Approx.)
✤ Model Height: 176 Cm
✤ Pattern: Printed
✤ Features: 3/4 Sleeve, Boat Neck, V-Neck Back Lace Details, Elastic Waist Skirt.
✤ Care: Hand Wash In Cold Water With Mild Detergent, Air-Dry

✤ Size Information: Please Refer To Our Size Chart Before Making The Purchase. If Your Size Is In Between Two Sizes, We Recommend That You Choose A Larger Size

✤About The Brand: Moomaya Offers Women’s Clothing In Varieties Of Prints And Classic Silhouettes. Our Products Are Available In A Diverse Size Range, From XS-3XL, Moomaya Is A One-Stop-Shop For Everything Ranging From Casual Dresses To Ethnic Wear, Cozy Sweaters To Pullover Blouses To Home Decor. We Pay Attention To Every Detail, Which Means You’ll Find An Elevated Aesthetic Throughout Our Entire Collection.

✤ We Specialize In Combining Advanced Fashion With An Affordable Price Tag. All Our Products Are Designed In-House By Our Super Talented Young Team Of Designers.

✤ What’s More, Fabric Used In The Manufacturing Of Our Garments Is Printed Using Gots (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Ink amp; Pre-Post Chemicals For Fabric Manufacturing, Which Makes Our Garment Environment Safe.

Moomaya Boat Neck Crop Top and Long Skirt Set Printed Ethnic Wea

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