Commercial,,LLC-POWER,Printer,,Grade,$242,Label,Shipping,/counterturn6560490.html,Office Products , Office Electronics,Direc,4''X6'' $242 LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Label Printer, Commercial Grade Direc Office Products Office Electronics $242 LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Label Printer, Commercial Grade Direc Office Products Office Electronics LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Fashion Label Direc Printer Commercial Grade LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Fashion Label Direc Printer Commercial Grade Commercial,,LLC-POWER,Printer,,Grade,$242,Label,Shipping,/counterturn6560490.html,Office Products , Office Electronics,Direc,4''X6''

LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Fashion Label Direc Printer famous Commercial Grade

LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Label Printer, Commercial Grade Direc


LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Label Printer, Commercial Grade Direc

Product description

Printing method: thermal
Printing speed: maximum 8inch/s; minimum 2inch/s
Print interface: USB+USBHOST+network port
Print head resolution: 203dots/inch (8dots/mm)
Print dot size.: 0.125x0.125mm (1mm-8dots)
Maximum printing width: 104mm
Maximum printing length: 2286mm (90")
Printer size: 285X210X180 (WXDXH)
Printer weight: 2.09KG
Operating environment: 5~45°C (41~104"F), 25-85% non-condensing
Storage environment: -10-50C (-10~140*F), 10-90% non-condensing
Pulse excitation: 1X. 10 Pulses
Thermal film (wear resistance): 30KM
Power supply: Input: AC 110V/240V, Output: DC24V/2A, 60W
Maximum outer diameter of built-in roll: 130mm0D
Paper type: continuous paper, gap paper, folded paper, black mark paper
Paper winding form: printing surface outside roll type
Paper width (label + low paper): maximum 120mm (4.72 ") minimum 40mm (0.78")
Paper thickness (label + low thin): maximum 0.254mm (10mi) minimum 0.06mm (2 36mil)
Paper roll core size: 25.4mm~38mm(1"-1.5")
Gap paper spacing height: minimum 2mm (0.09 "); 10 2286mm (0.39 "-90")

LLC-POWER 4''X6'' Shipping Label Printer, Commercial Grade Direc

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A Canterbury lecturer who fell in love with computers almost 60 years ago and has been riding the technology wave ever since, has won a national teaching excellence award.

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