Bagel Bar

For bridal or baby showers, holiday brunches, and beyond, assemble a Bagel Bar so guests can get creative with their bagel recipe creations. This interactive Bagel Bar is beautiful, customizable, and a cinch to share…

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This appetizer recipe idea is more than a trend! Jarcuterie, or single-serving charcuterie assembled in a jar, is ideal for parties, potlucks, or even food gifts. What started as a food trend during the pandemic…

5 minutes
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Back to School

Baked Mac and Cheese

A recipe like creamy, homemade Baked Mac and Cheese doesn’t come along every day, even though you wish it did. Thank goodness it’s so easy to make, right down to the garlic butter breadcrumbs. Here’s…

1 hour 10 minutes
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Ham and Cheese Sliders

These family-friendly Ham and Cheese Sliders are the ultimate hearty party snack. Make a tray (or two) for your next gathering and watch them disappear!

1 hour

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This classic Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe is a hearty and comforting family dinner idea. One bite of this Italian-American dinner recipe will transport you to a Midwestern red sauce restaurant.

1 hour

How to Make Rotisserie Chicken

Learn how to make rotisserie chicken at home with my super simple spice rub (4 ingredients plus salt & pepper). Or, recreate that same delicious flavor for your next oven-roasted chicken!

1 hour 15 minutes

Easy Goulash

Busy days call for a recipe like Easy Goulash, a rewarding one-pot masterpiece that practically cooks itself. It’s cheesy, meaty, and 1000% delicious. My mom made this all the time when I was growing up…

25 minutes

The Best Turkey Tacos

Ground turkey shows up where you least expect it, in the best Turkey Taco you’ve ever had. This recipe has a few tricks up its sleeve to make sure every bite is juicy and perfectly…

15 minutes

What to Cook in August

Stuffed Bell Peppers

A classic Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe with beef, rice, and tomatoes. Assemble them a day or two ahead for a quick 30-minute meal during the week!

1 hour 20 minutes


Summer’s bounty becomes drinkable with this easy Gazpacho recipe, a chilled soup that requires no cooking whatsoever. Serve it in a bowl or a tall glass; you’ll love it more with every cool, savory sip…

25 minutes

Spinlock XAS Base Module (4-8mm) Also XA

Not just for English tea parties anymore, these easy Cucumber Sandwiches are sure to be the star of your next upcoming party, whatever it is! A delicious, elegant finger food that is sure to please…

1 hour

Chipotle Guacamole (Copycat)

This Chipotle Guacamole recipe is the real deal. With just seven ingredients and a few minutes, you can enjoy as much Chipotle Guacamole at home as you can mash! Guacamole is luscious, creamy, satisfying, filling,…

7 minutes

Balsamic Chicken and Tomatoes

Bright and budget-friendly, this recipe for Balsamic Chicken and Tomatoes Recipe is ready to become your default weeknight dinner. Ready in about 30 minutes—just enough time to make a big salad or warm up some…

30 minutes
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Corn Chowder

Chilly days call for warm bowls of sweet, smoky Corn Chowder. This incredible soup can be made any time of year and comes together quickly, thanks to frozen corn. Chowder may be my favorite way…

55 minutes

Hot Corn Dip

For a hot dip recipe that will please a crowd, try this easy, cheesy Hot Corn Dip. This make-ahead appetizer idea can feature frozen, canned, or fresh corn so you can share it any time…

45 minutes

The Best Cabbage Soup

The Best Cabbage Soup recipe is packed with unexpected flavors (hello, pickle juice!) and tastes way better than you think it will. It’s accidentally healthy but so delicious, you’ll want to make it all year…

1 hour

Blackberry Cobbler

It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing: berries! Blueberries, raspberries, and deep, dark, gorgeous blackberries. What better way to celebrate than by baking up an easy, made from scratch Blackberry Cobbler recipe tonight?…

1 hour 10 minutes

Peach Cobbler

Not too sweet and perfectly spiced, there’s no better summer dessert than a warm peach cobbler, fresh out of the oven, with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. No need to grab a box…

1 hour 15 minutes

Cherry Cobbler

You don’t need cake mix to make this Cherry Cobbler Recipe, just a bunch of fresh cherries and a handful of ingredients you already have. It’s one glorious cherry dessert you’ll probably make a dozen…

1 hour

Summer Sips

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade is sweet, refreshing, and easy to make with dried lavender flowers. It’s the perfect seasonal thirst-quencher for spring and summer.

50 minutes

Mimosa Bar

Get the brunch party started in just 5 minutes with a round of brunch cocktails! A Mimosa Bar stocked with a variety of fruit juices and plenty of sparkling wine is a low-stress way to…

5 minutes
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Culinary School Secrets
Pro-level tricks to transform your cooking!

Frosty Chocolate Cheesecake

My grandma’s famous Frosty Chocolate Cheesecake has a chocolate cookie crust and a creamy chocolate cheesecake filling. And it’s best served ice cold! The only thing better than Chocolate Cheesecake is a frozen Chocolate Cheesecake.…

6 hours 30 minutes
View Recipe

Easy Ice Cream Cake (DQ Copycat)

With both chocolate and vanilla ice cream, that crunchy fudge layer, and tons frozen whipped cream, this easy Ice Cream Cake tastes JUST like Dairy Queen! I once used a Dairy Queen cake as a…

13 hours 10 minutes
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I’m the Executive Chef and head of the Culinary Hill Test Kitchen. Every recipe is developed, tested, and approved just for you.

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How to Make Biscuits

This is the ultimate guide for how to make biscuits from scratch. My homemade biscuit recipe is done in just 20 minutes (using just 5 baking staples and with no special equipment required). Can you…

20 minutes

Venison Chili

This easy Venison Chili recipe is hearty and delicious, perfect for the cold months of hunting season or any time you have ground venison in your freezer. When you’re lucky enough to have a freezer…

1 hour 30 minutes

Thai Peanut Dressing

This easy, delicious Thai Peanut Dressing is made from mostly pantry ingredients and is delicious on salads, grilled chicken, or for dipping your favorite appetizers.

5 minutes