10K Polished Border Small Cut-out 17mm Max 41% OFF Heart style 11mm Pendant $32 10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant 17mm 11mm style Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $32 10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant 17mm 11mm style Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 17mm,Small,11mm,Border,10K,style,/desophisticate6002337.html,Polished,Cut-out,$32,Pendant,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,nerezzabradli.com,Heart 10K Polished Border Small Cut-out 17mm Max 41% OFF Heart style 11mm Pendant 17mm,Small,11mm,Border,10K,style,/desophisticate6002337.html,Polished,Cut-out,$32,Pendant,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,nerezzabradli.com,Heart

10K Polished Border Tampa Mall Small Cut-out 17mm Max 41% OFF Heart style 11mm Pendant

10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant 17mm 11mm style


10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant 17mm 11mm style

Product description

10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant

Length: 17 mm
Material: Primary - Color:Yellow
Length of Item: 17 mm
Width of Item: 11 mm
Product Type: Jewelry
Jewelry Type: Pendants amp; Charms
Sold By Unit: Each
Pendant/Charm Type: Themed

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10K Polished Border Small Cut-out Heart Pendant 17mm 11mm style

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