Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Credence Mahogany Large 41 - 29 X Extra Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Credence Mahogany Large 41 - 29 X Extra $192 Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Mahogany - Extra Large 41 X 29 Office Products Office School Supplies Cambridge,Large,X,Framed,/desophisticate6637737.html,,41,Cork,$192,Mahogany,Extra,29,Board,Black,Office Products , Office School Supplies,- $192 Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Mahogany - Extra Large 41 X 29 Office Products Office School Supplies Cambridge,Large,X,Framed,/desophisticate6637737.html,,41,Cork,$192,Mahogany,Extra,29,Board,Black,Office Products , Office School Supplies,-

Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Credence Mahogany Large 41 - 29 Latest item X Extra

Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Mahogany - Extra Large 41 X 29


Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Mahogany - Extra Large 41 X 29

Product description

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  • Frame: Cambridge Black Edged Mahogany 2 1/2" Wood Extra Large Product Size:
  • Cork Product Size: 24 inches x 36 inches
  • Theme: Traditional
  • Ready to hang vertically or horizontally for easy installation
  • Finished corkboard is professionally handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Title: Black Cork Board, Cambridge Mahogany
  • Subject: Cork Board
  • Assembled
  • Product type: Message Board
  • Color : Brown
  • Format: Horizontal/Vertical
  • Product Size: 2.0 In. X 41.0 In. X 29.0 In.

Framed Black Cork Board Cambridge Mahogany - Extra Large 41 X 29


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