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half Stainless Steel Complete Free Shipping Polished 7mm 16in Necklace Rope Chain for Pendan

Stainless Steel Polished 7mm 16in Rope Chain Necklace for Pendan


Stainless Steel Polished 7mm 16in Rope Chain Necklace for Pendan

Stainless Steel Polished 7mm 16in Rope Chain Necklace for Pendan

16 hours ago

Here's a brain teaser to start your week: can you help us #guessthedisease today? This disease is caused through the transfer of animal saliva 🐵 Need another hint? You might need to get a _ a _ i _ s vaccine from your GP prior to travelling to some countries around the world 🌏✈

The answer will be revealed next week so get your answers in quick by leaving them in the comments below! 👇
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2 days ago

Join us in welcoming the newest additions to the Maternity and Gynaecology family at Ben-Amun Jewelry 24k Gold-Plated Green and Blue Glass Stone Drop, Harley, with his wonderful handler Sandy from Delta Therapy Dogs! 🐶 Harley’s role at the hospital is to bring smiles to patients wherever she goes, and of course to receive lots of pats too! 🥰

“You only need to see the looks on their faces to see how much Harley brightens up their day,” Women’s and Newborn Services’ Shane Jeynes said.

Let's raise the woof for Harley and Sally! 🐾
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3 days ago

The Turning Point Propellers Turning Point Hustler Aluminum Right-Ha Motor Neurone Disease research team were absolutely chuffed to have won the Complex Health Research award at the 2021 Research Excellence Awards night, and we're celebrating their achievement this #ShoutoutSaturday! 🎉🤗

"We're a very busy team here so it was lovely to be recognised for all of our hard work," research nurse Kathryn said.

"Our patients are incredible and go to a lot of effort to help us out.

"This award is for our patients as well. We couldn't do it without them."
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4 days ago

It's tough waking up after a big sleep in, but this little warrior has earned it! 💖 Parents Monica and Jed were overjoyed to meet their baby girl, Xiomara, when she was born at JIAJIA 11016 Women's Bridal Shoes Closed Toe 2.4'' Block Mid Hee on Monday 16 August at 3.20 am. The first-time parents had an anxious nine month wait and found the perfect name for their daughter when the new little family could finally be together.

"Monica and I both have Filipino heritage and the Philippines were colonised by the Spanish hundreds of years ago," Jed said.

"The name Xiomara is a Spanish-influenced Filipino name and it means 'ready for battle', we thought it fit her perfectly!"

Little Xiomara should be on her way home with mum and dad very soon! 🏡🥰 #FeelgoodFriday
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5 days ago

Women's Split Three Piece Bikini Set Solid Color Front Criss Cro has hit 50,000 vaccines! 🥳 Immunisation Program Nurse Kirsten Smith provided the 50,000th COVID-19 vaccination to Zion Ahn yesterday, and said that reaching this milestone is a reflection of the great service the team are offering Queenslanders. 💪💉

“It’s not about just getting one person vaccinated… when they get vaccinated it protects not only themselves, but everyone around them,” she said.

“Reaching 50,000 is great, and hopefully we can hit another 50,000!”

Well done to the entire team who has continually gone above and beyond to help protect our community. 👏
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