SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Chrome Wing Mi B6 Side Jetta -,/excrementitious6560850.html,Golf,Chrome,B6,Mi,,MK5,Wing,Jetta,MK5,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fit,SHUAI,Passat,for,$39,Side -,/excrementitious6560850.html,Golf,Chrome,B6,Mi,,MK5,Wing,Jetta,MK5,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fit,SHUAI,Passat,for,$39,Side $39 SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat B6 Jetta MK5 Chrome Side Wing Mi Automotive Replacement Parts $39 SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat B6 Jetta MK5 Chrome Side Wing Mi Automotive Replacement Parts SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Chrome Wing Mi B6 Side Jetta

SHUAI Fit High quality new for Golf MK5 - Passat Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Chrome Wing Mi B6 Side Jetta

SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat B6 Jetta MK5 Chrome Side Wing Mi


SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat B6 Jetta MK5 Chrome Side Wing Mi

Product description

Brand new and Good fitment!
1:1 replacement style with back clips
Spare Parts, durable and easy to install.
Fine workmanship and perfect style.

Fitment for :
for Golf MK5 2004-2008
for EOS 2006-2008
for Golf 5 / 6 Plus 2005-2013
for Je-tta MK5 2006-2011
for Pa-ssat B5.5-Type 3BG 2001-2005
for Pa-ssat B6 - Type 3C 2005-2010 Prefacelift
for R36 (NOT CC)
for Sharan 2003-2010
for Golf 5 MK5 2003-2008
for Golf 5 Variant 2007-2008
for Sko-da Superb B5 2002-2008

Package Contents:
2 x Mirror Cover

SHUAI Fit for Golf MK5 - Passat B6 Jetta MK5 Chrome Side Wing Mi

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