Fishing box outdoor High capacity Gifts multifunctional fis convenient $73,outdoor,multifunctional,convenient,box,fis,Fishing,High,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,capacity,,/hysteroptosis6637388.html $73 Fishing box outdoor High capacity convenient multifunctional fis Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $73 Fishing box outdoor High capacity convenient multifunctional fis Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Fishing box outdoor High capacity Gifts multifunctional fis convenient $73,outdoor,multifunctional,convenient,box,fis,Fishing,High,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,capacity,,/hysteroptosis6637388.html

Fishing box outdoor High capacity Gifts multifunctional fis convenient Las Vegas Mall

Fishing box outdoor High capacity convenient multifunctional fis


Fishing box outdoor High capacity convenient multifunctional fis

Product description


★ . Your valuable lures amp; fishing accessories need a storage box to make them well-organized, accessible amp; portable. No more losing your prized lures and accessories amp; no tangling in your fishing moments with Fishing Tackle Box. Tackle Box keep your lure dry amp; away from splashing for long term durability. A perfect gift for every fishing enthusiast.

★ . product details:
1. The storage space is larger and can store larger items such as fishing wheels, fishing lines, etc.
2. Foldable handle, easy to carry and move, can be used as a seat after folding, more sturdy.
3. Thicken the buckle, lock tightly and tightly to avoid loss.
4. The three-layer storage compartment is designed independently, and it can be extracted and equipped with separate compartments for storage.
5. Shoulder strap can be carried, easy to carry and more user-friendly.

★ . parameter:
Product material: PP ABS mixture
Product color: earth gray blue
FCL size: 42*22*32CM/17.3*8.7*12.6in

★ . Note: The size is measured manually, there is a certain small error! The data is subject to the actual object!

★ . Packing list:
1xPortable Fishing Toolbox

Fishing box outdoor High capacity convenient multifunctional fis

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