Grass,SENFAN,Grass,/karyokinesis6560986.html,Premi,$70,Pet,Fake,Turf,Grass,Pet,,Turf,Artificial,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor Grass,SENFAN,Grass,/karyokinesis6560986.html,Premi,$70,Pet,Fake,Turf,Grass,Pet,,Turf,Artificial,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor $70 SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Pet Grass Fake Grass Pet Turf Premi Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor $70 SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Pet Grass Fake Grass Pet Turf Premi Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Fake Pet Premi Great interest SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Fake Pet Premi Great interest

SENFAN Artificial shopping Grass Turf Fake Pet Premi Great interest

SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Pet Grass Fake Grass Pet Turf Premi


SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Pet Grass Fake Grass Pet Turf Premi

Product Description

No mowing, no watering, no spraying,safe for pets and children.


SENFAN is Mainly Engaged in Artificial Grass. Has a Strong Production, The Integration of Artificial Grass, From Raw Materials Procurement, Production, Quality Control to Sales are Strictly Control The Product Quality in Line with The Iso9002 International System, All The Year Round for Football Club Facilities, Child Safety Ground, Leisure Garden, Building Decoration Services in Areas Such as New Materials With High Quality, Green Artificial Turf.

THICK amp; REALISTIC ARTIFICAL GRASS RUG: Grass height about 0.8” in length. With 4-tone color, soft and lush and the thatch looks amp; feels like real natural grass.

Our manufacturing plant has strict quality control methods to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Our mission is to always provide the best service to our customers with industry's leading prices.

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SENFAN Artificial Grass Customize Size Artificial Grass 20in x 24in Artificial Grass 40in x 80in Artificial Grass 28in x 40in Artificial Grass 7ft x 13ft
Backing PP+ Net+ SBR Latex PP+ Net+ SBR Latex PP+ Net+ SBR Latex PP+ Net+ SBR Latex PP+ Net+ SBR Latex
Blade Height 1 3/8” 1 3/8” 1 3/8” 1 3/8” 1 3/8”
Density 70 oz /square yard 70 oz /square yard 70 oz /square yard 70 oz /square yard 70 oz /square yard
Blade Color 4-Tone 4-Tone 4-Tone 4-Tone 4-Tone
Fire Resistance
Application balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere. balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere. balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere. balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere. balcony, dining room, kitchen, backyard, or to make your own golf putting green, baseball playground, dog area etc. it can decorate almost everywhere.

SENFAN Artificial Grass Turf Pet Grass Fake Grass Pet Turf Premi

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