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MILLET Men's Trail Walking Tucson Mall Shoe 5 popular

MILLET Men's Trail Walking Shoe


MILLET Men's Trail Walking Shoe

Product description

The name Millet become famous in the 30's with the first braces supplied shopping bags. Adapted some years later to the backpack, the idea quickly became the recipe for the French brand success. The mountain technical products development brings a strong image to the brand, reinforced with the best mountain dwellers of their generation signatures.

MILLET Men's Trail Walking Shoe

Be a Hero to your kids

3 Easy Ways to Join the All Pro Dad Team.

1 Minute a Day

Get daily encouragement on how to be a better dad delivered right to your inbox.


Join other dads and kids at our school chapter program for a fun time of relationship building.


Bond with your kids at an interactive experience in an NFL or NCAA stadium.

Bond with your kids at an interactive experience in an NFL or NCAA stadium.


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Our staff is committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world.

We are here to offer you guidance on how to protect and provide for your family. Our message will inspire you to embrace who you are and give you the tools to be a hero to your kids.

Join us for the All Pro Dad Experience

During this three-hour event, dads and kids rotate through stations and participate in interactive games designed to strengthen their relationship.

Have you found yourself wanting to talk to your kids about race relations, but you’re not sure what to say or where to start?

  • #143: How to Overcome Obstacles in Life with Faith
    Scars. We all have them, whether they are the time we fell off our bike when we were young or the emotional ones we carry with us as an adult. Every scar has a story! On today’s show, we will hear from former NFL player Devon Still, and how his … READ MORE
    Published on January 17, 2019