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Ruiqas Weight Wrist Guard Invisible Guar Max 56% OFF Popular brand in the world Ultrathin Sandbag

Ruiqas Weight Wrist Guard Ultrathin Invisible Sandbag Wrist Guar


Ruiqas Weight Wrist Guard Ultrathin Invisible Sandbag Wrist Guar

Product description

1. Small size and easy to carry, you can exercise anytime, anywhere, while increasing the weight of the weight, at the same time make your fitness effect more effective.
2. Workout amp; fitness, hands free way to adjust arms resistance, build muscle, burn fat.
3. Use for yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, traveling, home workouts, core training etc.
4. With wrist weights, burning calories in the time when you walking/working and any daily activities. Make sport easier for you.
5. Comfortable and easy removal. Fit and not bulky, easy to cleaning, sweat proof.

Condition: 100% brand new
Item type: Weights Wrist Guard
Material: Advanced towel fabric + weight-bearing rubber sheet
Color: As picture shown
Size: Approx. 14x8cm/5.5x3.5in
Weight: Approx. 1108g

The product can be removed and washed, and the rubber load-bearing sheet can be taken out. Wash the cover when cleaning, the rubber load-bearing tablets do not need to be washed. If it is a little tight when you first wear it, you can take out a weight-bearing tablet first, and you can wash it after use.

Package Including
Package List:
2 x Weights Wrist Guard

Ruiqas Weight Wrist Guard Ultrathin Invisible Sandbag Wrist Guar

TOI Facts
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