GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Mesh Outlet sale feature with Magnets Bug $33 GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Bug Mesh Curtain with Magnets Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Mesh Outlet sale feature with Magnets Bug,Curtain,Curtain,Magnets,with,130x235cm,Magnetic,Bug,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,$33,Mesh,GUOYUYU,/antispermotoxin6396123.html $33 GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Bug Mesh Curtain with Magnets Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies,Curtain,Curtain,Magnets,with,130x235cm,Magnetic,Bug,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,$33,Mesh,GUOYUYU,/antispermotoxin6396123.html

GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Trust Mesh Outlet sale feature with Magnets Bug

GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Bug Mesh Curtain with Magnets


GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Bug Mesh Curtain with Magnets

Product description

Are you tired of summer insects and mosquitoes?

Our Magnetic Mesh Door Screen is the perfect product.


1. With a high-density small mesh grid, it can prevent family members from being bitten.

2. Made from high-quality polyester, more tear-resistant and durable.

3. Enhanced magnetic power. Always seals completely.

4. Open easily and close automatically

5.Installation by magic sticker. Not hurt the door frame.

6. Wide range of use. E.g. balcony door, bedroom, kitchen, children's room.

Package including :

1 *Magnetic Screen Door
1 *Adhesive tape
1 *Thumbtacks
1 *English manual


1. Buy the right size. Firstly, measure your door and door frame and select the size according to the outer diameter. Do not buy the one that is smaller than the door frame, because it does not apply to smaller door frames.
(To determine the correct Magnetic Screen size, add 5-6cm to the width of the window and 6-8cm to the height of the window.)

2.Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang screen to the floor. Don't let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing.

3.Please read instructions before installation, it will help you install magnetic screen doors correctly.

Maintenance instructions:
* Do not let children play and hang on the curtains!
* Never walk under the curtain with a candle or other flammable source to aviold catch fire.
* Never open the curtain with sharp objects that can damage the net of the curtain.
* Do not dry clean.
* To dry, hang dry.
* Can be ironed with a low temperature iron.

GUOYUYU Magnetic Curtain 130x235cm Bug Mesh Curtain with Magnets

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