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SQATDS MTB BMX Pedals Sealed Ranking TOP16 Bicycle Bearing Ranking TOP18 Aluminum Allo Pedal

SQATDS MTB BMX Pedals Sealed Bearing Bicycle Pedal Aluminum Allo


SQATDS MTB BMX Pedals Sealed Bearing Bicycle Pedal Aluminum Allo

Product description


Cycling is one of the leisure sports in the world. If you want to enjoy a healthy and happy ride, comfortable bicycle accessories are particularly important for your journey.
Product Description

Product: bicycle pedals

Size: 115.5*97.7*25.9mm

Material: Aluminum/Alloy

PedalWeight: 420g/Pair

Bearing: 1DU+1Bearing

For bicycle: MTB/Road bikes
1. Please allow 1-2cm(0.4-0.8") differences due to manual measurement, thanks.
2. Kindy Tip: Please be reminded that due lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some sli ght differences in the colour tone of the website's photo and the actual item.

SQATDS MTB BMX Pedals Sealed Bearing Bicycle Pedal Aluminum Allo

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