PRTA30502,/hidalgo6395748.html,Printer,Roland,$32,for,Office Products , Office School Supplies,1Pcs,for,0riginal,Parts,Replacement, $32 Replacement Parts for Printer PRTA30502 1Pcs 0riginal for Roland Office Products Office School Supplies Replacement Parts for Printer 0riginal 1Pcs New product!! Roland PRTA30502 $32 Replacement Parts for Printer PRTA30502 1Pcs 0riginal for Roland Office Products Office School Supplies PRTA30502,/hidalgo6395748.html,Printer,Roland,$32,for,Office Products , Office School Supplies,1Pcs,for,0riginal,Parts,Replacement, Replacement Parts for Printer 0riginal 1Pcs New product!! Roland PRTA30502

Replacement Quality inspection Parts for Printer 0riginal 1Pcs New product Roland PRTA30502

Replacement Parts for Printer PRTA30502 1Pcs 0riginal for Roland


Replacement Parts for Printer PRTA30502 1Pcs 0riginal for Roland

Product description

Item Description:

1PCS Original for Roland VS640 wiper felt for Roland BN-2 VS-300 VS-420 VS-540 VS-540i VS-640 VS-640i RF-640 RE640 DX7 felt wiper

product specifics for Roland wiper original place of original japan Use for - for Roland * BN-20 * RA-640 * RE-640 * RF-640 * RF-640a * VS-300 * VS-300i * VS-420 * VS-540 * VS-540i * VS-640 * VS-640i * XF-640 * XR-640 * EJ-640 * XT-640

Item Specification:

ues for: for Roland VS-640 RA-640 RE-640 RF-640 printer

packing: 1PCS

suitable printhead: for Ep-s0n dx5 dx7 printhead

function: cleaning printhead

feature: anti solvent corrosion resistance

grade: high

cleaning unit: printhead wiper

Replacement Parts for Printer PRTA30502 1Pcs 0riginal for Roland

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