Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Racing Mountain Bike 304 Popular standard 14 $36 Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Mountain/Racing Bike 304 14 Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $36 Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Mountain/Racing Bike 304 14 Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Silver,$36,Mountain/Racing,/hidalgo6395848.html,,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Stainless,Wire,Spokes,Bicycle,Bike,304,14 Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Racing Mountain Bike 304 Popular standard 14 Silver,$36,Mountain/Racing,/hidalgo6395848.html,,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Stainless,Wire,Spokes,Bicycle,Bike,304,14

Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Racing Fresno Mall Mountain Bike 304 Popular standard 14

Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Mountain/Racing Bike 304 14


Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Mountain/Racing Bike 304 14

Product description

Brand: Xinda (HT)

Type: stainless steel spokes

Color: Silver

Place of origin: Taiwan

Material: spokes are made of 304 stainless steel (tips: 45 # steel = iron, our spokes are made of 304 stainless steel.), And the cap is plated with copper.

Spoke Diameter: 2.0mm

CAP Specifications: Wire 2.0 Outdoor diameter Use of 3.2 or 3.3 Spoke key

Specification length (mm): 174/237/240 / 241/22 / 254/22 / 256/22 / 255/22 / 260/261 / 262/263 / 265/270 / 272/274 /276/278 / 281/282 / 284mm / 287/288 / 292/296/298 / 300mm / 305mm

Our store spokes are original a package, the length of the original factory, the error is very low, not the type of spokes carved by the cutting machine on the market, the error is 0.5-1mm

Package Content: 36 pieces of spokes

Bicycle Stainless Spokes Silver Wire Mountain/Racing Bike 304 14

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